Delivering a smoke-free future

We’re building PMI’s future on smoke-free products that—while not risk-free—are a far better choice than cigarette smoking.
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A story of PMI

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Japan: Beginning a smoke-free era

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IR 2021 cover article page

PMI Integrated Report 2021

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Our Science
Cutting-edge research and technology
Problem with Burning arthigh

The problem with burning

Exploring the science behind combustion
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E-cigarettes and heated tobacco products: What’s the difference?

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Meet the people leading our transformation
The teams driving our progress
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Why did you want to be a scientist?

Our scientists explain what drives their desire to make a positive impact on public health
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Meet the team driving innovation

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Leaders of Change
PMI’s thought leaders share their insights and expertise
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Don’t wait to drive business forward: Start now, make it happen

Moving your business forward now will positively impact company progress in the post-COVID world.
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Our leadership team

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Illicit Trade Prevention
Supporting organizations fighting illegal trade
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KPMG report finds European illicit cigarette market continues to grow despite overall decline in consumption

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Preventing illicit trade: PMI’s efforts, progress in 2021, and vision for the future

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Make history
Develop your career at PMI

Learn about our people and culture

Why Philip Morris International is a great place to work
Discover our values

How our people are leading PMI’s transformation

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Why invest in PMI?

We've built the world’s most successful cigarette company. Now we’re building our future on smoke-free products that are much better choices.


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  • Press release 21 Jul, 2022

    Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) Reports 2022 Second-Quarter and First-Half Results

  • Press release 14 Jul, 2022

    Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) to Host Webcast of 2022 Second-Quarter and First-Half Results

  • Press release 23 Jun, 2022

    Illicit Market Continues to Grow in the EU, Largely Driven by Counterfeits in France, According to New Study by KPMG

  • Press release 17 Jun, 2022

    Philip Morris International Inc. Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend of $1.25 Per Share


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